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❚❚❚❚❚ BASICS.

■ NAME & ID CODE: JUUZOU SUZUYA (鈴屋 什造) M02-B25-013
■ CANON: Tokyo Ghoul | Chapter 143
■ AGE: 19
■ LANGUAGE: Japanese.
❚❚❚❚❚ IC.
■ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Touching him probably won't end well. He's never felt physical affection in his entire life.
■ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Juuzou won't die for anyone. That said, he's more than willing to kill others without thinking twice about it. He's also got some practice when it comes to gutting corpses.
■ RELATIONSHIPS: You can probably won't work out. At all. Since, you know, he won't give a fuck.
■ MENTAL INFORMATION: Incredibly mentally unstable. Lacking morals. Has other personalities.
■ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Juuzou is 100% human...that said he can't feel pain anymore due to the amount of torture he received as a child. He was also castrated as a child when he was being raised by a ghoul.
■ FAVORITE SENSORY INPUT: Probably taste and touch?
■ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Not really. Don't make jokes about him lacking balls though.
■ REBELLIOUS TENDENCIES: Nah, he'll do as he's told. After all he's getting something out of it.
■ ADDITIONAL PERMISSIONS: Link your additional permissions post here.
❚❚❚❚❚ OOC.
■ PLAYER: Ciara
■ PREFERRED CONTACT: AIM @ splitpsychosis or PP @ bubblenest
■ BACKTAGGING: Absolutely!
■ YES/NO SCENARIOS: I'm pretty cool with anything that doesn't involve Juuzou dying since then I'd...have to drop him.

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Character Name: Suzuya, Juuzou
Canon: Tokyo Ghoul | Chapter 143
Character Appearance: Here. Here.
Character Age: 19.
Pick A Number: 013, 130.

Canon Setting:

The world that Juuzou Suzuya comes from is more or less akin to modern day Earth and Tokyo barring one key difference - the existence of Ghouls. Ghouls are "monsters" that have the appearance of a human (but are different genetically) and feed off human flesh (or in some situations cannibalize one another). Some individuals have learned how to blend into and function in human society, while others prefer to live secluded, vagabond lifestyles. Aside from coffee and water, Ghouls are only able to digest human flesh (or one another) making their diet severely restricted. Throughout the different wards that make up Tokyo, various groups of Ghouls have hunting grounds or territories they fight one another over.

The general public's opinion on Ghouls is divided; some believe that they're not real while others believe they are but have never seen one. This isn’t surprising - most who are unfortunate enough to meet a Ghoul end up as dinner. An organization called the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) is a Federal agency that specializes in the tracking and extermination of Ghouls. Within Tokyo Ghoul it is the struggle between the CCG and Ghouls that the reader is privy to, providing a unique perspective into the world Ghouls live in alongside the humans they prey upon.

With regards to Juuzou, he is a boy who has firsthand experience regarding the brutal world of Ghouls, having been brought up as a "human pet" and subsequently tortured and groomed to act, well, rather ghoulish, only to be rescued and forced to integrate into human society through first being placed into an orphanage run by the CCG and later on becoming part of the organization itself.

Character History: Juuzou's Backstory. The CCG. Ghouls.

Character Personality:

If there's one word that can sum Juuzou Suzuya up succinctly it's disturbed. He possesses an eerie, eccentric mix of a childish and deadly persona; one couldn’t be blamed for judging Juuzou from appearance alone. He looks an absolute mess, with strange red thread stitches scattered over his body as if he's been using his skin for embroidery practice. His clothes are hand me downs from his partner that are two sizes too big for his lithe frame. It's hard to tell if he's a boy or a girl, most mistaking him for the latter. When he smiles it's somewhat chilling, hinting to the fact something is missing. However it wouldn't be fair to judge Juuzou simply because of how he looks or acts without trying to understand why he is the way he is.

Juuzou Suzuya is a prime example of being the end product of one's environment. A good chunk of Juuzou's childhood was spent growing up in the clutches of a Ghoul called Big Madame. This female Ghoul was relentlessly sadistic and enjoyed watching humans be tortured and ripped apart before eating them. Juuzou was made a scrapper, a role that involved entertaining those watching by butchering whatever unfortunate soul had been made the star of Big Madame's entertainment for the night. There is evidence to suggest Juuzou wasn't always as unhinged as he is now. When he first became a scrapper he recalls throwing up consistently for three days and three nights before adapting to the situation. Once he settled into the role and after days and nights of torture and abuse, Juuzou keeps himself functioning by bestowing the role of "Mama" onto the cruel Ghoul. By doing this he was able to cope. He wanted to please Mama, wanted to be seen as a Good Boy and do whatever she wanted. He wanted to be praised and like any child loved and given attention because he was starved of it.

Unfortunately the attention he received was always cruel and negative. Big Madame's sadistic nature extended beyond physical torture and she took pleasure in dressing Juuzou up as a girl. She became so disgruntled at the thought that he would lose his angelic, pretty features and high voice that she had him castrated rather suddenly and violently with a hammer. We're never given a specific timeline or told how long Juuzou (then called Rei Suzuya, a name he eventually discards) is kept in Big Madame's custody, but he is eventually rescued by CCG officers on a raid and kept as a ward of the CCG's orphanage.

By this time in his life, irreversible damage has been done. Juuzou has been forced to live a life of unimaginable horror. His morality is severely under developed; he possesses no care toward his own personal being. He lacks a fully realized sense of self, extending so far as to having developed a habit of talking to himself at times, referring to himself with different names: Juuzou, Rei and even Jason. His personality is broken and disjointed. He's sadistic, has murderous, violent tendencies and is known to lash out and not listen. He's a problem child if there ever was one, one of the biggest problems the CCG orphanage has ever had to deal with. He functions much like how an abused animal would except he lacks a sense of fear and survival instinct, having had both quite literally beaten out of him. He spends his time alone and doesn't mind it or seek out company. Adults and his fellow orphans whisper about him but he doesn't care what they have to say - they can all die for all he cares. They even go so far as to blame the slaughter of cats and other small animals on the premise on him, even though he has nothing to do with the dead animals. To call him misunderstood at this point in his life is putting it lightly.

One usually defines another by the relationships they have with others. Juuzou is the opposite - he should be defined by his strict lack of meaningful relationships with other individuals. No one has bothered to try and understand him or reach out to him; most take a glance at his file and either regard him with pity or grimace at his appearance. This is the case until Yukinori Shinohara enters Juuzou's life. The Special Class Ghoul Investigator becomes not only a mentor to Juuzou and later on his partner, but he acts like a father figure toward the disturbed boy. Shinohara does his best to patiently explain things to Juuzou such as why it isn't right to kill people if you are upset with them and helps the boy study to pass the exams he needs to become a Ghoul investigator. Juuzou is a basketcase and clearly a tough project to take on, but Shinohara does so without regret. He genuinely cares for Juuzou, to the point he views him as if he were a child of his own. While Juuzou is wild and reckless, especially when he first meets Shinohara, the man's influence and constant presence in Juuzou's life acts as a buffer to his wild nature; as Juuzou grows up and joins the CCG, becoming Shinohara's partner, the older man is someone Juuzou comes to listen to, more so than anyone else.

The present day Juuzou can't exactly be regarded as removed from the boy he once was - all those sadistic tendencies and a penchant for violence still exist, waiting to be triggered and let out. Usually this is made apparent when he’s given the green light to fight; he scores high kill counts and sheds blood without a care in the world. The difference is that he's learned how to act semi-normal in society and function to a degree. He's learned basic manners, how to be polite and how to speak to others of a higher rank (sort's still a work in progress). Most of all he's learned that to get what he wants he has to be good and do what's asked of him. Sometimes you have to play by the rules others give you, even if you think they're stupid.

He's a confusing individual but he isn’t stupid. He’s simply lacking a fully realized sense of empathy toward others. However, by the end of the series, Juuzou shows that he's merely stunted and not completely incapable of feeling something toward another human being. When Shinohara ends up losing a leg and being knocked out during the final battle of the series, Juuzou loses it. Finally, something in him clicks, even if he doesn't begin to understand it until later. The realization that he cares for Shinohara, the man who has looked out for him and cared about him this whole time, despite all his flaws, is overwhelming and drives him to fight on, despite having lost a leg in battle himself. When the news later comes in the last chapter that Shinohara will never wake up from the coma he's in, it hits Juuzou hard. There's a change in him, however small, as he grasps the reality of the situation.

This show of empathy is in direct contrast with an earlier event in the series where Shinohara ends up hurt in the hospital and Juuzou doesn't even bother to go visit him. For the first time in the whole series do we see him offer a sincere apology to someone, this time toward Shinohara's wife for what happened to her husband. In a very uncharacteristic display of gentility and affection, Juuzou places a kiss to the man's forehead as a goodbye, referring to him as his salvation. There is no statement that could be more accurate to sum up the father-son relationship between the two. Shinohara really was Juuzou's salvation, in multiple ways, and only now with the man more or less dead to the world does he begin to grasp that. One could say that with Shinohara never capable of waking up again it's Juuzou that has opened his eyes to the realization that someone not only cared about him but that he's capable of caring about another person.

One important thing to note is that although Juuzou Suzuya is a broken individual, he isn't a sad one. He's rather carefree, lives in the present and doesn't tend to hold onto the past very often. While he could lament and angst over the mutilation he received at the hands of Big Madame he puts his castration behind him, not letting the event define who he is. He's content with being alive, is easy to please and easy to excite - offer him candy or Quinques and he'll be elated. He's incredibly childish in his mannerisms at times and eccentric with how he moves and loafs about. (Hanging from railings upside down, perching on various things...)

Perhaps what unnerves people about him is that he's more or less sincere when it comes to the emotions that he displays. His smiles are genuine, whether he's smiling over a box of doughnuts or a fresh corpse. If he's happy, you'll know. If he's cross, it's best to leave - immediately. Discretion is debatable; it doesn't matter who you are - if you need to be killed he'll make sure of it. Adapting to social norms and observing them is still a work in progress. Juuzou could care less about what he wears or how others perceive him. This apathy stems from the fact that, Shinohara aside, Juuzou doesn't care for anyone. As far as he's concerned everyone can just die. He's very much a young child in terms of moral development and everything is always extremes with him. An example of this would be when he very seriously considered eviscerating one of his superiors for making a comment about his "balls dropping", to which he eventually got his payback in the form of trashing the man's motorcycle. He has no qualms about getting up close and personal and invading someone else’s personal space. Got a problem with it? Too bad. The word sorry is used freely, without much weight to it. Curiosity is also something he's infected with often and he is not above stealing things if he wants them.

In the end, Juuzou isn't a bad person - that would be like trying to argue that a dog is bad because it was ordered to bite someone by its owner. Is he a dangerous person? Absolutely. Does that mean he'll kill left right and center with no disregard? Not unless he's told to. Thanks to Shinohara's hard work, he's mellowed out (ever so slightly) to a degree that he's somewhat manageable and will (mostly) listen to orders he's given.

Character Powers & Skills:


✖ Having been brought up as a human pet in the possession of a cruel, sadistic Ghoul, Juuzou spent his childhood fulfilling the role of a scrapper. Not only has he killed and gutted people, he's become incredibly agile and flexible with impeccable balance, much like an acrobatic circus performer would be. His specialty is using knives, which he can throw with deadly accuracy and force. He also does weird things like suck out a man's ear bones with his mouth...which is pretty gross. The amount of force/suction that would take to accomplish though is unnerving to think about.

✖ Juuzou has practically no sense of pain - his pain tolerance is off the charts. After having been tortured by the Ghoul who owned him on a regular basis his ability to endure pain, if not feel it at all, is incredible. Notable examples of this include when Juuzou gets his abdomen sliced open and instead of screaming or showing any sign of pain, remarks that his insides are going to fall out and presumes to stitch the wound back up himself as if it was nothing. He also ends up losing his leg and seems rather nonplussed about it. Instead he continues to fight once a tourniquet is tied around it and the only pain during this fight he seems to show before passing out from physical exhaustion is emotional pain at the sight of Shinohara's battered, unresponsive body. Lastly he frequently stitches his own skin with patterns out of red thread as if it's the most normal thing in the world.


As a Ghoul investigator Juuzou is allowed to wield and use Quinque which are weapons forged out of a Ghoul's Kagune. Throughout the series Juuzou is seen using two specific types of Quinque. Quinque are manufactured and used to fight against Ghouls for their strength and ability to cut through a Ghoul and a Ghoul's Kagune where as conventional weapons will have no effect on either.

✖ The first is the Quinque Scorpion 1/56. It takes the shape of a light switchblade. Juuzou is incredibly deadly with this little knife due to his knife wielding skills.

✖ Second is the Quinque 13's Jason. It takes the form of a scythe with a jagged and squared blade. This Quinque is incredibly strong and deadly; in the hands of Juuzou its destructive force is one to be reckoned with.

Juuzou is also shown to wield conventional weapons as well. He's capable of using guns and is shown during one raid to use a submachine gun. His accuracy using a gun may not hold a candle to what he's capable of with a knife, but he's still lethal with a gun in hand.


First Person POV: (N/A but in case - a set of threads:) TDM starter + subthreads.

Third Person POV:

"You have a visitor, Suzuya."

That's what the nurse had told him as he sat bored in a wheelchair, parked up next to a desk where he'd been amusing himself drawing various swirls and crude representations of animals on a pad of paper one of the CCG Investigators had brought him. It's been a nice distraction, aimlessly doodling here and there. A lot had happened recently and it's still taking its time to sink in. Whether or not it'll settle completely is another matter altogether.

Juuzou doesn't expect visitors. After all, the only one who really cared about his presence was Shinohara and he was laying comatose in another ward of the same hospital. So, it's a bit unexpected when a suited man enters with a briefcase, introducing himself, and prefacing the conversation with the line he has an offer Juuzou won't refuse. He says he's with the CDC (not the CCG, which Juuzou hears at first) and as he begins his sales pitch about saving the world and what the CDC does (they destroy planets, it seems, which is kind of cool but he's only half paying attention) Juuzou only pauses from his doodling when the topic shifts to what he can get out of it.

Anything, he says, or well almost anything. Juuzou can't help but be curious. This is a bit more interesting than drawing giraffes. Anything? He needs clarification. The more the man with the briefcase explains the more excited Juuzou gets. This couldn't be real, could it? It wasn't a lie?

"If I join, the CDC will fix Shinohara-san? They'll wake him up and fix his leg? He'll be exactly the way he was before he was hurt?"

There's a curt nod. If that's what Juuzou wants, they can make it happen. It's a simple request, compared to some of the others the CDC has delivered.

"We'll fix your leg too."

Large red eyes move to stare at the bandaged stump left in wake of where his leg used to be. Losing it hadn't really hurt and he wasn't really upset by not having it anymore but he couldn't deny that things would be a lot easier if he could have his leg back.

"You'll grow it back? Like I was a starfish? Or a lizard?"

"Yeah...something like that."

The mans sets his briefcase down on the hospital bed, pulling out a contract and handing it over for Juuzou to read. It's pretty long and already Juuzou can feel his eyes glazing over. He has to read it all though and carefully, that's what Shinohara would've wanted. For him, he has to pay attention. If doing this will fix the man and make things right again...then it doesn't matter what happens to him. Turning back to the desk the contract is set atop it as he scrambles to grab a red crayon. The signing of his name is a sloppy ordeal, but he writes it as neatly as he can muster before turning back and thrusting the now signed paper in the CDC employee's direction. He'll need to get dressed. He wants to go now. The sooner he starts, the sooner they can fix Shinohara.

There's a smile on his face, eerily sweet, hand waving the paper in the air impatiently until it's taken from him and stowed back into the briefcase safely. The CDC recruiter has every right to look at him strangely. It's always weird when people seem so eager.

"When do I start?"

Pick a Team:

Green or Red. It's a bit of a toss-up, for he could be put in either. Due to his lack of morals however and his less than average teamwork skills, I think he would be a better fit for Red.

Red Reasoning: Being a Ghoul investigator, Juuzou has training and experience with infiltrating, going under cover, and taking out enemies. He's quick and deadly, although his methods can be rather sloppy if he gets too into it. He has a severe lack of morality and if ordered to kill will do so without really questioning it. He won't cry about having to neutralize other teammates or crew members, and has a bit of sadistic glee in getting his hands dirty. If it's what is wanted of him, he'll do it. It just...might not be in the most conventional or precise of ways. He's the kind of individual Dagger will either love or want to kill. Apologies in advance.

Green Reasoning: Juuzou likes to fight and he's good at it. What he isn't good at though is being a team player. He fights in his own way and will go out guns (or Quinque) blazing, the outcome rather sadistic and usually quite messy. He's not exactly strong-willed and opinionated - he doesn't really care about a lot, people included, regardless of what position they may hold. He is a formidable fighter though, which would make him an asset.

Reason for Joining the CDC:

Juuzou's decision to join the CDC is a simple one - he's been offered the chance to make something right. For a person who never cared about anyone else, not even himself, by the end of the series it's only after Shinohara, the man who viewed him as his own child and looked out for him ends up incredibly wounded and in a vegetative coma, that Juuzou is shocked into feeling things he thought he'd never be able to feel - regret, sadness and guilt. The CDC has given him the opportunity to accomplish what the doctors back in Tokyo said was impossible - Shinohara waking up, without any permanent brain damage. Juuzou wants the CDC to "fix" Shinohara back to the way he was before he was injured and rendered comatose.

He has no qualms about offering up his service, life and skills to the CDC if it will give him what he wants. He's incredibly lacking in the moral department and has no qualms about killing or destruction. He'll follow orders (most of the time...) and when he does listen he's very good at what he does. He's quick, agile and lethal, with no concern about his own well being, possessing an incredible, if not near inhuman pain tolerance level. Needless to say, he's good at being destructive and at the end of the day, being destructive is in CDC's job description.

Mission Freebie:

That Yukinori Shinohara be healed and restored to functionality as he was before being decimated in the line of duty. Juuzou wants him to wake up from his coma and get his leg back and be fit for work, mentally and physically. He just wants him to be okay, more or less. He doesn't want him with him, nor does it matter if he can see him again or not, but as long as he's well again and has his life return to normal, that's all Juuzou wants.

Personal Item or Weapon:

Juuzou's Quinque - 13's Jason.

If that's not allowed then a set of Scorpion 1/56 Quinques. Or you could just be mean and give him just one. He'll bitch about it though. Loudly.

Character Inventory:
All Juuzou will have on him on arrival are the clothes on his back. Other than that he'll have nothing.


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