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[Kaneki watches with a small smile as Juuzou floats—for a few seconds, until he moves to try to look, and then he's lost his equilibrium again. He reaches out to the other guy to steady him, helping him stand up before letting him go. He nods.] Yes, you did a good job! So you see now, you're not always going to sink.

[That was the first step. Kaneki thinks a moment, trying to remember the next step for how he was taught to swim. It was a long time ago.]

Next, we're going to tread water. That's just so that you can keep your head above water when you can't reach the bottom.

[Kaneki takes a few more steps deeper into the cove, the water level rising towards his collarbones. He stops a little before that, mostly because Juuzou's a little bit shorter than he is.] Okay. I'll take you out a little deeper, and I want you to try it. Watch me first. See, you kick your legs like this, [as he spoke, he stepped and then swam out deeper, stopping several feet away. Stationary, Kaneki illustrates treading water as he continues explaining,] and you move your arms to the sides, like this. Got it? Want to try?

[A short pause.] I'll be right next to you, so if you have trouble, I'll make sure you stay afloat.
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(ooc: i realize now that im pretty sure you said you’re a lifeguard and i literally have no idea what im doing in this thread so hopefully i haven’t been dreadfully wrong in how to teach someone to swim yet……)

[They were definitely a strange duo, but that had been apparent from early on—their first few interactions had been a little rocky, but it hadn’t taken too long to broker a sort of understanding between them. Strange, considering how they would usually be acting like cats and dogs back home, but it was amazing what a level playing field like that which the CDC provided could change things.

Speaking of dogs: Juuzou does seem to be doggy-paddling at present, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It was one of the best ways to learn how to actually swim. This probably wasn’t something he was going to learn in one day, and even with that in mind he was doing fairly well.]

That’s good. It’ll take some practice, but you just have to figure out what will keep you afloat.

[He observes Juuzou for a moment.] Your kicking is fine, but just—try to straighten out a bit, like you’re standing, keep kicking and try to move your arms like this.

[Like how Kaneki is treading water a few feet away, arms tracing wide and sweeping motions in keeping himself afloat with… a good deal less flailing than Juuzou was doing… we’ll get you there, buddy.]