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I was so confused when I saw the notif and the icon was smiling LMAO

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FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

youre crushing my heart here

FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

ill really knock your sox off next time !

FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

unless the teleportation already did that you have all your fingers and toes right
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FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

youre really making this hard on me anyway lets agree if anyones going to be playing a murder game with me itll be gliese

FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

were you able to grab any supplies ?
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FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

i cant keep up with all these face things your arms not broken is it

FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

and if you eat ice cream now youre going to ruin your dinner

FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

do you have a water filter ?
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FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

woah woah im the cool big brother type lets get it right

FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

got your sleeping bag ?

[Now he's just messing. But also buying time as he looks Juuzou up in the tracker program. He was just going to text, but... Clearly he's not meeting his true potential if he doesn't obnoxiously drop by in person.]
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[Too late, been there, t-shirt's in the mail. Once he has Juuzou's location he'll start heading in his direction. There is no way this can surely end terribly. At least Zelos has no great attachment to self-preservation small graces...]

FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

yeah sure i mean in some reality its probably a thing

FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

so what do you thinks going to happen ?

[Asking completely random questions forever. Feel free to take that however you like Juuzou avdbsbn laughs]
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[....It's going to be a hard day on Grey when they all learn Zelos refers to whatever team he's on as his cuties/his hunnies...]

FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

dont they get eaten first in ghost stories

[Asking the pertinent questions here clearly.]

FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

think well survive ?
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FROM: wilder.zelos@cdc.org

just some of the time isnt really more acceptable

[He is just saying?? But he will be knocking on Juuzou's door or otherwise approaching him and waving! There are more dedicated stalkers than Zelos, but he's surely up there in the top 20....]
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Just going to reach out and turn the corners of Juuzou's mouth up with his fingers. Wel...come..to the travesty Juuzou..... Rule #1 personal space is a lie. At least he'll be fairly understanding if Juuzou decides to retaliate with a swift stabbing.]

Yo. I guess you really don't wear socks 🎵.

[This sure was really important to verify personally....]
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[He drops his hands, but it's only so he can wave one conversationally. Apparently he has no problem with that reaction.]

Well you do pull the look off so I can't complain. So where's this ice cream?