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[ I totally didn't forget that he was still sharpening them what are you talking about... ]

[ He nods lightly, and perfectly on cue, he stops his work to hold up the last blade, looking at it with a critical eye for a moment. But seemingly satisfied, he nods, then setting it with the others, offers the knives for him to take. ]

Just finished. How do they look?
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[ Sebastian watches his work with an intensity in his gaze that's much more than just casual, but it's interested. It's easy to see that he had guessed correctly about giving the excess knives away, since they're in quite capable hands. It's not so impressive to do such a feat himself, since it was simple for a demon, but for a human? He's actually rather impressed, and it gets Sebastian to smile, clearly pleased with the display. ]

Very good! It seems you will use them very well, so I am glad they are in your hands.