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[He could give a spiel about the benefits of friendship. Or--]

FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

Think about it this way. A friend is someone who'll share their sweets with you.

[Nailed it.]
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FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

Those are two entirely different things!
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FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

That's technically right. But... I don't think we're anywhere near the same page.

FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

You can't equate all your possible friends as kidnappers.
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FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

Well... what isn't special about them?

FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

They're someone to bail you out when things get bad, or to lend you a shoulder when you need one.

FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

They're someone who can understand you and who'll fight for you.

FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

But most importantly, they're someone who can make you happy.
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FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

Who was it?
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FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

I see. What were they like?
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FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

He sounds like a good man. You being here for him is very kind of you, Juuzou.
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FROM: cecil.guy@cdc.org

Even if you can't see yourself as kind, your decision to help him is.