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FROM: michaelis.sebastian@cdc.org

Very well, now that things have settled. I am glad to hear you are in good health yourself.

FROM: michaelis.sebastian@cdc.org

I simply remembered that in our last conversation, you had an interest in knives, yes? If it is not imposing, may I ask why that is?

[ this is definitely an interview before he hands over his knives ok ]
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FROM: michaelis.sebastian@cdc.org

A quinque? I have not heard of such a thing. But should you be willing to explain, then we may hold on that topic for a moment.

FROM: michaelis.sebastian@cdc.org

I have several knives of my own, but I have little opportunity to use them here. If you would like some, I would be willing to lend them to you. It would be all the better for securing us all, I assume.
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FROM: michaelis.sebastian@cdc.org

Really. Would four be an acceptable number?
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[ If he were at home, he'd give an appropriately lovely answer to deceive, but here... There's not really much need, he thinks. So his answer is surprisingly straightforward. ]

FROM: michaelis.sebastian@cdc.org

I seek benefits where I can take them, to be honest. Giving you four knives now may mean that at some point, you may use those knives to defend my young master.

FROM: michaelis.sebastian@cdc.org

Just as an example, of course. I hold no expectations that you would do so, and so do not concern yourself with this piece.

FROM: michaelis.sebastian@cdc.org

I simply try to assure that every situation is stacked to my advantage, so by lending you knives that I am not using anyways, there is no real loss, and only the potential of gain.
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FROM: michaelis.sebastian@cdc.org

I am glad to hear it. Then in that case, you are welcome to come to my rover at your leisure, Mr. Suzuya. I will be outside of it for the better part of the day, so it should not be difficult to find me.
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FROM: michaelis.sebastian@cdc.org

Number eighteen. Perhaps I will see you soon, then.
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FROM: michaelis.sebastian@cdc.org

Of course. I will see you soon, Mr. Suzuya.
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[ And when Juuzou approaches, Sebastian is indeed working outside the rover as promised. He's found a stone that was suitable enough for the task with his earlier activity of building a stone oven for Ciel's stupid fattydingdongs cake, so he's take the opportunity to sharpen the knives. There are twelve neatly laid out, though they're all silverware knives, which doesn't seem promising... Though to a discerning eye, it's clear that they're very sharp and very strong. These aren't the sort of silverware knives that would snap in combat.

When he looks up, it's with a smile, and Sebastian stands from where he had been sitting to give him an ever polite bow. ]

Ah, Mr. Suzuya— Welcome. It is good to see you again.

[ He's ridiculously polite, if nothing else... ]

I thought I would at least sharpen them up for you before I lent them. It would be a rude of me otherwise.
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[ Normally, that look would be treated with some level of annoyance, but with this, well. This is a pride and joy of Sebastian's, so he's pleased enough to speak, even if it's mostly to himself... ]

I am glad that they look acceptable. The silverware of the Phantomhive family is truly up to standards, so these are generally what I rely on. The blades are quite fine, so they are excellent for cutting a rare steak or a Neraki's thick skin. The handles are specially crafted to be easily wielded as either a projectile or a traditional dagger, and they should be able to withstand a significant amount of force.

[ It would be embarrassing, but Juuzou is probably appreciative of the information. When two freaks collide, this happens, I guess. ]

I have a set of twelve, so four in each hand is better suited to how I would use them regardless. I hope that these four will serve you well.
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Quite. I dislike firearms since their accuracy tends to be so poor, but—

[ Sebastian laughs lightly as he shrugs. ]

That has admittedly changed quite a bit as compared to what I am used to! By now, they are quite accurate, so I suppose I could switch... Knives still feel better in one's hands, though.
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Oh, quite a bit older machinery, to put it simply. The accuracy of the pistols I am used to is truly pitiful, so it is not worth using them. They miss nearly half of the time.

[ Sebastian shrugs dismissively, and it comes with an idle wave of his hand as if it isn't a very interesting subject. It really isn't, after all, because— ]

Well, regardless, guns are not very interesting, since they are also little more than toys to me.
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[ He sighs lightly as he nods, though it's a tired sort of sigh more than anything, which is... not exactly fitting. ]

Quite... I understand why humans make them, since it suits them well, but all the same, it creates a pitiable distance. Ah, well. Getting into philosophy is not my intent here.

[ He waves his hand at Juuzou lightly. ]

Do enjoy, in any case.

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