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[personal profile] dearkafka 2015-02-23 06:55 pm (UTC)(link)
(OOC: After reading chapter 18 of :re, now I feel like you should go back and retcon Juuzou into having that prosthetic because it was awesome.)

FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

Swimming usually stops that from happening.

But learning to float is important, and it's a lot easier. The air in your lungs lets you float without even moving your arms and legs.

FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

That going to be a problem for you?
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[personal profile] dearkafka 2015-02-23 08:03 pm (UTC)(link)
(OOC: It was one of my favorite moments of :re so far, ngl.)

FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

Well... not exactly...

Dead bodies will sink at first. They only rise to the surface later because the process of decay causes them to bloat.

[Thank you for the science lesson, Kaneki.]

FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

It shouldn't be an issue so long as everyone minds their own spaces, right?
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FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

Yeah... it's pretty gross.

[/sweats. Even though he'd probably be grossed out by a body that'd gotten to that state of decomposition. He was a carnivore, not a scavenger.]

FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

The rovers are a lot better than the tents.

I feel kinda bad for the people who have to use them.
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FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

I don't know, but I'd be interested to find out so I don't have to join them.
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FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

It does seem that way.

I guess you get reassigned to that team if you do something wrong?
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FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

I think so long as we do what is asked of us, we'll be alright.
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FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

I don't know. What would you think of as fun?

[Kaneki's idea of a fun day is sitting in a cozy place, reading. He sincerely doubts Juuzou feels the same way.]
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FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

If that's the case, then I don't think it'll be long.
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[Kaneki didn't, but...]

FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

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[A brief pause.]

FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

Sure, if you wanted to.

[It's been... a pretty long time since he fought hand-to-hand with anyone. He remembers Touka's and Yomo's long (arduous, painful) training sessions...]
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FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

It's always good to practice.

And sometimes you might be in a situation where you don't have your weapons.

[Weird for a ghoul to say, but he hadn't been able to muster his kagune for the first part of his fight with Yamori—not until he'd taken several bites out of the ghoul to start replenishing his Rc cell stores. He'd definitely been grateful for Yomo's and Touka's instruction then.]
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FROM: kaneki.ken@cdc.org

I'll send you a message when we have some downtime and we can go from there.

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